Are Nintendo scamming us with Wii bricking.

I recently had my Nintendo Wii bricked.

When playing on the wii, there was a new download. during the download, there was a momentary power-cut and the wii went dead.

On-line research showed that this was common and there was one poor sod on a Forum, whose Wii had bricked on its first set-up.

Apparently, the download overwrites the OS, with the new one, so any interruption leaves it without a complete working OS. think of a train destroying the track in front of it, before laying the new track.

It’s weird that they don’t have the ability to lay down the OS in a separate section of memory and just switch, once laid. (think of a train laying a parallel track, to the one it’s on, and then resetting the points at the beginning of the line.)

Nintendo were very helpful with a downloaded freepost label and a demand for £29 (the cost of a second hand wii) to unbrick it

Nintendo’s approach says the wii software isn’t of merchantable quality and the customer aftercare is a scam designed to extract further income.

My only consolation is that having had to buy the Wii-u for the wife, I have a stand-by with a 12 month warranty, so if the new one gets bricked, the wife doesn’t make me go and buy another, plus if the old one also gets bricked, they will, allegedly, fix it under warranty.

Good aftercare would allow us to download a temporary OS via computer (using a keycode sold with wii), that would be updated, when re-connected. Better still shove a ROM chip in that would serve the same bootstring purpose.

£29 seems excessive for somebody, probably, connecting a link and refreshing the OS. I think it smells scammy.



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