MP’s pay is the tip of an iceberg and needs a proper journalistic exposé

I recently looked at small poll, in Martin’s Moneytips, on MP’s pay.

I looked at some of the comments and all the tidbits that had been thrown up in recent years flashed through my mind. I became more than agitated and added my own two penn’orth. However, it occurs to me that The Press is either running scared of politicians or no decent journalist has stood back and seen the wood.

It’s time some wordsmith did a little digging/collating of how deep the trough is for these hard done by souls. These members of the only state financed sector which isn’t experiencing the cuts that Osborne’s alleged Austerity measures is visiting on members of Society, who actually improve our lives.

Heres the poll, followed by my rant.MP's pay

This poll misses out on so much.   Besides their ridiculous expenses claims, they have a subsidised canteen.

Their mail is paid for.

They have excluded themselves from certain taxes.

They get a final salary after one term of Parliament, presumably for each term of Parliament, even if it lasts for only a few months.

They get a lump sum payment based on each parliamentary session.

They get jollies e.g. A local MP got a trip to Fiji to foster relations. My MP had visits to Canada and China, within his first year, or so, in office. They can legally become “advisor’s” for various companies. E.g. David Miliband was getting £250k for something like 12 half days ,as a director of Sunderland F.C., presumably with free box for home matches and all the shrimp butties he could manage.

My last MP was made a Scientific advisor(£300k) for a company that wanted contracts for nuclear power stations.

They get allowed a salary to pay a researcher to work for them (usually their spouse , or unemployed sprog)

Their actual salary is the visible part of the iceberg and doesn’t account for quasi-legal lobbying payments and campaign donations.

I may have missed a few more bits that they can pick up but I should think some of them would do the job without a salary.



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