Every so often, someone slaps you in the face with a bit of new knowledge

I’d heard of The Remembrancer but thought no more of it, until I came across this on Facebook.

The Remembrancer is the only non-MP or civil servant with a seat in both the House of Commons and the House of Lords. He sits to the right of the Speaker in every session of parliament. His sole purpose is to scrutinise and influence legislation in the interests of the banks. Nobody elected this representative into our parliament. What kind of democracy allows an unelected lobbyist for a wealthy elite to sit in its parliament to write laws in their own interests?
Who is the Remembrancer?
The current Remembrancer is Paul Double, a former barrister, and he has been in the role since 2003. In that time, he has not provided a single interview to the media. He has a budget of £5.3m, and a £500,000 staff which included six lawyers.
The City of London Website describes his activities and duties as thus:
“The City Remembrancer’s Office is one of the City’s traditional offices and dates from the reign of Elizabeth I. The Office holder is one of the City’s Law Officers as well as being a Parliamentary Agent and its Head of Protocol. The Remembrancer is charged with maintaining and enhancing the City’s status and ensuring that its established rights are safeguarded. As long ago as 1685 an order was made for the Remembrancer “to continue to attend Parliament and the offices of the Secretaries of State daily, and acquaint the Lord Mayor with the public affairs and other business transacted there, relating to the City”. In the contemporary context, this work encompasses day to day contact with officials in Government departments responsible for developing government policy, the drafting and promotion of legislation and responsibility for relations with both Houses of Parliament and their Committees including briefings for debates in which the City Corporation or its associated bodies have an interest. The Office also tracks the work of the GLA Assembly, and the GLA’s associated bodies.”
In short, while having no vote, the Remembrancer is granted direct access to decision makers and legislators in order to lobby for the interests of the City. Nicholas Shaxson, author of the definitive investigation of the City of London ‘Treasure Islands’, refers to his role as the “world’s oldest ­institutional lobbyist”.


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