@notunimportant . I’ve endured the attack’s of women’s lib for two-thirds of my life. Enough already.

I came across this link on twitter:


I’m aware that some women believe that the battle for female emancipation is not yet over but I’ve had these accusations thrown at me since my teens and I’m getting tired of it.

I’m getting tired of adverts, showing men as helpless and hopeless, with soaps portraying them as either bastards, or doormats.  Mind you, they also portray woman as either snooty bitches, or hysterical, screaming harridans, but that’s outside this particular rant.

I look at real life women around me and most prefer the old family model, with a husband as protector and breadwinner.

The last is a forlorn hope for the working classes, because the only effect for them was that their jobs, where possible, were passed to women, who cost less. Most of their jobs were segmented into part-time jobs, so instead of one full-time, male breadwinner, the household depended on women working multiple part-time jobs.

The middle class women haven’t fared better, because, like it, or not, it is a big problem for businesses and for women that they are best designed and genetically motivated to bearing children.  Even, where women manage a career and motherhood, it is difficult for a business to promote a woman, over a man. It may be unfair to women but the alternative is unfair to the business and all the personnel employed by it.

There is a push for positive discrimination in female promotions. In Wigan, two useless, male MP’s resigned (avoiding expenses examination) and were replaced by two female MP’s, who were parachuted in.

They may prove to be very good MP’s  (you don’t choose plonker’s to bear a torch) but this deliberate exclusion of male candidates won’t create a better Society. In organisations, generally, there are not enough female careerists to provide a sufficiently high calibre of candidates worthy of promotion. Just because the majority of top jobs in certain sections (e.g. politics) have been filled by male drones, it doesn’t mean that they should be replaced by women. It just means that there should be a better selection method.

It is rightly argued that women are more consensual and can work together, better.

This ignores the fact that women set up a pecking order and can gang up on individual’s, who offend the queen bee. The cases, where a teen commits suicide, because of cyber bullying, have invariably been amongst females.

A proper mix of girls and boys works best in the classroom and would probably also do so in top management, assuming all achieve that status on genuine merit.

Anyway, it’s all moot and the following is a (sometimes unfair) parody of the whinges shown on the website, above.

1. when I walk down the street, I know that yobs will be far less considerate of my life, than of a woman’s
2. My forefather’s were mainly seen as expendable muscle power, who never had a chance to break out of the class structure.
3. When I look at Civil rights movements and Black Power, I rarely see women putting themselves in the firing line.
4. Men don’t look on women as baby machines; women do. Men are attracted to sexually attractive women, not those who are proven baby makers (Henry VIII is famed for being the exception)
5. Only women will think me weird, if I choose not to have children.
6 a) school sports have always been about ensuring Men are fit to be sent into battle. That may change as people get used to women, in uniform, being shot at
6 b) Cheer leading has always been about girl’s who want to be seen as desirable mates for alpha males, not as bon-bons for the players.
7. At work, I can be fairly sure that women will try to use their “wiles” to gain an advantage, over me. (and I’ll let them)
8. If I have sex with a lot of women, I’ll be one of the small group that women will have favoured (George Clooney?) and other men will envy.
9. I will be expected to prove my manhood by fighting a woman’s battles for her, even if we are stranger’s and the woman is at fault.
10. I can be sure that when I talk in groups or in public, people will only listen to what I’m saying, as long as I don’t talk twaddle.
11. I’ve never got a job through connections. As a man I’ve always been in competition with other men for jobs (and occasionally women with short skirts).
12. As a man, I don’t bitch, or nag other’s, upto the point of anger, and then attack them knowing that most dare not retaliate.
13. I have always been prepared to enter a dark room, or go off wandering, because it is the nature of men to take risks and defy danger. Lucky me.
14. I can turn on the TV, or open the newspaper, and expect to see women represented mainly on their propensity to verbalise their opinions on issues, in which I have no interest. Alternately they will be women who are sexually attractive and prepared to bare large expanses of flesh in exchange for highly paid jobs requiring a minimum of observable skill.
15. As a man, I am criticised for not being open about men’s problems, apart from “man flu”. I do not read numerous magazine columns on them and the “Race for Life” funds will never be matched by funding for research into prostate cancer ( I believe such research can not be carried out on women, as test person’s)
16. I have heard constant reference’s by women about men’s short-comings (giggle, giggle) and dismissal of men, who are short, fat and bald as being unworthy of consideration, in any situation.
17. There are many men, whose only chance of sex is to amass large amounts of money to buy it, whereas almost any woman, who wants sex, merely has to wave her knickers in the air.
18. Women have easy access to sexually revealing images of men on the Internet and in books and movies.
19. I can assume that I’ll do more of the skilled DIY jobs than the women in my family do and that my “presents” will often be the tools to do such jobs, rather than personal items to show that I am treasured.
20. I can dress, as I want, so long as I dress appropriately, wearing a tie and tight collar, even in extremely hot conditions. I must never wear revealing clothing indoors, in public and if I have a dress mishap, I will be ridiculed and/or arrested for indecent exposure.
21. When I am permitted to have sex, I have to be careful that I don’t end up with a paternity suit and a huge unasked for drain on my finances.
22. I can’t open a newspaper without some feminist claiming that they are the victims of my actions, that I am a latent rapist or responsible for various religious nuts in foreign cultures. I have the privilege of being constantly berated for being a coffin-dodging, white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant man, who’s worked consistently throughout his life, to provide a secure home for his wife and family.







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