the internet has to be kept out of the control of Government

The reins of power are the judiciary, the legislature and the executive (Civil Service, Police and Armed Forces).
They also include various strands of the Media, the Press, TV and the Internet.
The Romans, on whom our Gov’t structures were once based, always tried to ensure that the reins were kept in diverse hands.
The Caesar’s collected the various reins into their own hands and tyranny ensued.
In our Society the Party leaders control the legislature (the Whips), the Judiciary (The Lord Chief Justice) and The Executive (The Cabinet Office).
TV is under indirect political control via politically appointed quangoes e,g,The BBC is under the Board of Trustee’s (controlled by a political hack, appointed by the P.M.)
The Queen rubber stamps legislation.
The Press is running scared of Leveson.
The Internet is the focus of concern for our politician’s.
Won’t be long now.


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