blogpost letter to S.Express on cops and Tasers

Reader B.Barlow’s comment are worthy of note; especially his view of Police Federation Vice-Chairman, Steve White’s remark that “the beauty of Taser’s is that you don’t need to have the level of expert training in order to use them”.
As a former police officer, he must surely be aware of the factor, which has presumably prompted Mr. White’s claim.
Even, if he has been retired from the force, for some time, he will have seen moves to set the police up for privatisation.
Whilst the core force may not become privatised, many of its functions will be hived off to groups such as G4S, who already provide Security men for large supermarkets etc. and who were behind the Olympics fiasco.
When we eventually get Mall cops, as per our emulation of American culture, they will need Taser’s, initially, because the British public will not accept the calibre of personnel, hired by G4S, being issued with guns to assert their authority.


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