an alternative to lobbying @David_Cameron

In the past I’ve read stories condemning teacher’s and police with second jobs. The complaint is that they will be too tired to do their jobs for us effectively.
I cannot, therefore, understand why it is deemed acceptable that someone, being paid to do a job for us, is encouraged to work for someone else, on our time and on our premises.
Forget a register of lobbyist’s. Lobbying should be made illegal. Leastwise, we should be able to sack these moonlighter’s.
I understand that businesses may want to have an input to parliamentary decision making and I understand that it may be important for Parliament to be made aware of issues, which they may be ignorant of, but this system is corrupt and corrupting.
Charities shouldn’t have to pay to have an input’
It shouldn’t be a case of those with the deepest purses, or the loudest voices being the one’s listened to.
We have e-petitions for ordinary people to express our concerns, perhaps a similar system for lobbyists would be more useful to Parliament.
Instead of bribing our MP’s with free lunches, tobacco companies etc. could be directed to submit a short (500 word) petition to a Select Committee.
The Committee could be composed of a jury of MP’s on a rota, so all MP’s would have an opportunity to oversee the process, thus preventing any one MP being targetted by Lobbyists.
Those petition’s deemed worthy of greater consideration could have two MP’s assigned to gather more information (all get their free lunches, by turn). those petition’s deemed unworthy of further consideration could be published in Hansard for perusal by other MP’s.
Any MP querying the decision of the Select Committee would obviously come under scrutiny but would not, by this, be prevented from expressing some personal or constituency concern.


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