Socialism is dead, All Hail Big Brother.

Watching the 1943 film “Millions like us”, it hit home how we’ve lost the ability to handle people.
In the film, women factory workers were trained to evacuate the factory during an air raid and to return to work promptly.
No bellowing of orders, just a switch in the Tannoy music. “Post Horn Gallop” for evacuate and “Colonel Bogey” for all clear. The last was neat in that it was effectively a two finger salute to the attack.
Everything was subtle and low key, like the use of Beethoven’s fifth, a sort national in-joke, registering the inclusivity of all classes.

The Nation was at war and the workforce was the most compliant and flexibe workforce, existing on the most meagre rations, that even the most avaricious Capitalist could have wished for.

With the War over, the workforce expected a reprieve from these conditions and  couldn’t be denied it; especially with soldiers returning from bloody conflict and in no mood for a return to the Depression of the Pre-war years.

Although Class distinctions were still blatant and even obtrusive into the Sixties, we began to see the political classes looking at the Plebs in a new way. Their Pre-war existence had relied on a servant class, who new their place but now many considered themselves as equals and demanded equal respect.

It was 1955 that the patent for battery cages was taken out and the principle began to expand to other area’s of farming.
I’ve no evidence that battery farming affected the attitude of the powerful towards the plebs, or just reflected it, but Ghandi did propose that:
‘The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the ways its animals are treated”

The Seventies brought Flower Power and Full employment. The plebs had opinions and expected to be allowed to voice them.. In America they objected to the VietNam War. Everywhere they objected to nuclear proliferation and Unions were demanding a bigger share of the National Wealth.

The rich backed off and concentrated on countries where despots held power and the Communist supply lines were long i.e. S.America.(S.E. Asia was a lost cause, because of China  and the Middle East was problematic because of Israel and because of Russia)

Then the Communist states began to crumble, as their populaces lost the ability to provide wealth.

Their people were encumbered in red tape, their lives totally circumscribed, or they were micro-managed to death. Whichever idiom you choose, the result is the same; people give up striving to improve their circumstances and that of those around them. Not only is innovation killed but low quality becomes the norm.

Russia and China realised this and allowed unfettered Capitalism in to exploit the demoralised Society. State assets were seized and sold off at bargain basement prices. Former Communist bureaucrats and politicians became oligarch’s overnight, while the people remained just as poor but free to sink or swim in the new capitalist economy.
To my mind the situation was akin to the Dark ages, in Europe, when Royal houses grew out of bandit leaders.

(For me the most perplexing situation is that in N.Korea, which still survives despite the lack of plebian soul. The answer may lie in the deification of the ruler, which matches their Japanese cousins, who being prepared to live and die for their god-emperor, substituted self-interest by religion, as their primary motivation)

The collapse of the Communist countries meant that the danger of domestic Western populations resorting to revolution was reduced.
A new generation had lost the folk memory of pre-communist capitalism and had only experienced benevolent paternalism.
Those, more politically minded had either joined the ruling classes, or were marginalised socially. The political elite of all parties retorted to any mention of Socialism with a knowing smile and the comment that Socialism was dead.

Finance from The Communist states had ceased and any insurrection would now rely on domestic self-financing.

As part of the attempt to stem Communism in South East Asia, the steel and cotton industries had been shipped to the Far East but there was still coal-mining and various light industries such as shoe manufacture, the rag trade and electronics, which provided wealth for the working classes and the Unions, meaning that they still had to be treated carefully.

Maggie Thatcher, with the connivance of the miner’s union leader, killed off the Coal Industry

Women’s Lib helped, allowing the replacement of higher earning, more politically motivated males to be substituted by a cheaper, more flexible female workforce.

The key to reducing the financial power of the masses was Information Technology, which would render most  heavy Labour remnants obsolete.
Encouragement of I.T. and women’s Lib. meant that a smaller, cheaper and more amenable work force would emasculate the union’s and the domestic financing of plebian power.

To allay unrest caused by mass unemployment, the solution was “Education,Education,Education” and the expansion of disability allowances.

We are now at a stage, where the fear of insurrection has almost vanished.

Artificially induced austerity measures have created a means of rapidly reducing any financial power left to the populace, whilst computerisation has, with the aid of DNA technology, advanced to the stage where it is possible to monitor each individual in greater detail than anything dreamt of by Orwell.

We do not have the Thought Police yet but we do have means of remotely sensing people’s emotions, recognising a face in a crowd, recognising out of character behaviour etc., etc.

It’ll be decades before the masses react to the new regime. Decades before the new regime becomes overly oppressive and decades more before it becomes sufficiently  complacent for a new idea to unite the masses and seize back power.
If it ever does happen the leaders need to take measures to identify Sociopaths and bar them from any position of authority: It’s not Capitalism that’s a problem, it’s the people it empowers.


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