Number of operating theatres to be cut? #NHS @daily_politics

The announcement that operation death rates rose from 5% on Mondays to 8% on Friday’s was interesting.

It became annoying, when it was announced that the death rates from operations rose by 44% during the week,.

It became annoying,  because I then knew it was being put out by the Ministry of Propaganda.

Sure enough, the follow up announcement was that the solution was to close down smaller units and concentrate facilities

I.e. the same dubious argument used for closing down A&E’s and forcing patients to undertake life threatening journey’s in order to secure treatment.

Presumably the smaller units, which will be closed, will then be sold off to privateers, whilst the larger units, which will unlikely to be expanded, will be scheduled for NHS patients Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

At bottom of all this, it’s still a bit scary that 1 in 20 operations result in fatalities.

(I’d like to see the demographics for those fatalities.)



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