@UnlockDemocracy political funding should be based on MP’s not parties

I received an email from Unlockdemocracy

(We reported on our website last week, a cross party group comprising of Conservative MP Andrew Tyrie, Labour MP Alan Whitehead and Lib Dem Peer Paul Tyler has published a draft parliamentary bill designed to break the current deadlock in the debate on reforming party funding.)

This invited me to fill in a questionnaire.

I hate questionnaire’s for their inbuilt bias.

This is inevitable, because the moment you sit down to compose it, you immediately impose your own preconceptions on it, through asking yourself what do I want to know and what responses would I give.

I was onto the third question before I woke up to the fact that this questionnaire was assuming that I must agree to the whole principle of party funding and Parliamentary Democracy.

As I say at the top of my Blog, I oppose Parliamentary Democracy as a fraud.   It is elected dictatorship.

I replied to the email with the following piece:

Why does funding have to be in terms of political parties?

This is putting power into the hands of selected cliques.
Funding should be for individual MP’s.
They can decide how much that they wish to place in a central fund, for advertising purposes.

Return MP’s the power to represent their constituencies, rather than the paymaster’s of the party machines, sponsoring them.

Enable the likes of Nadine Dorries to stand on a Tory/UKIP platform, Enable Labour MP’s to stand on a “referendum on Europe” ticket.

Stop political parties claiming that they have a mandate to trample over the wishes of those who voted them into power through their ability to control the financial strings attached to our MP’s

At present, if I wish to stand for Parliament, I am at an obscene disadvantage to any candidate nominated by a heavily funded political party. This is undemocratic, as it creates a huge barrier to any new dissenting view from gaining ground.
I will not be completing any questionnaire about party funding, because that immediately distorts every respondent’s views.



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