It should be possible to weaken tornado’s

The Moscow Olympics, of 1980, were allegedly protected from rain, by a perimeter of radio transmitters.

The principle was that the radio waves were reflected off the ionosphere, setting up standing waves. These would cause the polarisation of water molecules encouraging them to collect together and fall as rain.

The situation in America’s tornado alley is that you have a huge mass of cold air, from the North, meeting with a huge mass of warm, moisture laden air, from the South. The warm air rises and cools as it gains altitude. The water vapour condenses and falls as rain.

The Earth’s rotation causes the masses of air to swirl forming eddies. The problem in tornado alley is that these air masses are huge and, so, unrestricted by topography, the eddies are huge i.e. tornado’s.

It may be that the air masses are too big to affect but, if the radio standing waves were placed along the Southern front, to reduce the moisture content and the energy available to the storm, then they might go some way to easing the tornado problem.

This is pure conjecture but, if the climatologists could take time off from moaning about carbon footprints, and run the numbers, they could maybe figure out if such a procedure might work.

The downside would be that the Southern States would get more rain and the Northern States would get less.



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