@bbcwritersroom Brighten up the portrayal’s of the Tudor’s.

I once read a piece which asserted that Tudor Englishmen were somewhat foppish; that a Spanish commentator had remarked on how during the most serious discussions, they’d break off and try the latest dance step.

Where is the truth?

In every dramatisation of Tudor life, including those from the BBC, that I have ever seen, the Tudor’s have always been presented as very serious, deep thinkers.

The historians advising the shows seem to be consulted on the chronological facts but not the human aspects.

Although the drama’s pay tribute to the libidinous natures (attracts more viewers, I suppose), the Tudors are always presented as I imagine the Victorian’s to be. i.e. dour, serious and funereal.

This aspect does not sit well with the introductory passages to Waldman’s “Elizabeth and Leicester” where in setting the “Elizabethan Panorama”, he refers to a comment by a “Dutch Voyager”, whose description of the English portrays a very unsophisticated people – changeable and capricious.

I also find it difficult to reconcile such portrayal’s with the mindset that would enjoy “Greensleeves” or “A Mid-Summer night’s Tale”.


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