@C4Dispatches how about a TV series on the existence of quangos such as GasSafe?

I recently came across this scheme on a TV program : http://www.gassaferegister.co.uk/

The organisation is called gassafe and is a substitute for the Corgi scheme, which was a privatised version of the State qualified Gas fitter.

The big problem is that with everything being privatised, cowboys are able to exploit the awkward/expensive bits of looking after voter’s welfare. We have had a few cases of houses being blown up by unqualified people setting up in business as gas appliance fitters.

Under State control, only the employees of British Gas were allowed to fit appliances. Now you can buy and fit such appliances yourself. If any fault occurs, then you are responsible for any mishap. If you do a poor job on your own property then it’s yourself, who dies of carbon Monoxide or gas explosion, so there’s no comeback.

Again, if you sell your house and the new owner’s don’t think to check your work (who would?) and consequently die, there’s little chance of the problem being traced back to you.

The same principle applies where the homeowner has hired a cowboy fitter. The only chance of discovery arises when a qualified fitter, connecting another appliance, happens (!) to detect the problem, the culprit can be named and the matter is pursued to a prosecution. Even, where such a detection and prosecution occurs, the justice system is so poor that the effort isn’t worth it.

So, it’s vital that people know of this scheme and are able to use it properly.

It’s also vital for housebuyers to be able to verify that their new home has appliances fitted by a suitably qualified person.

It was usual at one time for Government to ensure that public knew of such schemes, now it’s upto the individual privatised quango, which usually satisfies that requirement by making leaflets available to those who know to ask for them.

I would like to see a Channel 4 dispatches programme that looked into this issue and gave it a wider audience.

Then again, consider this:

Under the Nationalised Industry, there was no necessity for every citizen to be wary of such pitfalls: Safety (protection of the public)  was the responsibility of the Government.

(Personally I wonder what the point of Government is if it isn’t to protect us)

With privatisation and de-regulation, the number of quango’s has increased. As these are privatised, they tend to pay lip service to their public duties and the situation with telephone charging scams, cold calling, pest calls etc. has become ridiculous.

It would be a public service if The Channel 4 Dispatches team were to look into all of these quangos, whether privatised, or not, and told us what they are supposed to do, how they are supposed to do it, how they finance themselves, how effective they are, how we can ensure that they do their job properly and who we can complain to, when they fail.

A help site that summarises these facts, giving contact numbers etc. would be a public service.


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