Let the rich keep their Winter fuel allowance and bus passes. I look forward to hopping on a bus with David Cameron.

The Daily Express didn’t publish this one.

In all the dialogue about rich people, Winter fuel allowance and bus passes, the assumption is that the the rich are resented.
This mythology has come from the attack on Socialism as the politics of envy.

This was never true.
Politicians, who try to play on this assumption are wasting their time.

Yes! there are those who will key a Rolls-Royce but they’ll just as cheerfully put a brick through a window “for a laugh”, or smash a glass bus shelter, or a snap an ornamental sapling.
These people are not necessarily from the poorer section of Society, although, logically, they will be more numerous than the Hooray Henry’s, who caused a law to be passed against”riotously demolishing a hovel”.

The Mansion tax and the bus pass means test are not vote winners.
The British people want fairness.
They appreciate that the wealthy have earned their bus passes and Winter fuel allowances.

They do, however, resent many of the rich.
In fiction they are represented by Montgomery Burns and Ebeneezer Scrooge.
In present life, the likes of Starbucks and Goldmann-Sachs, who feed their real-life versions.
Those amassing cash that they can never spend but pathologically seeking more and more and ignoring the despair created for those from whom it is being extracted.

Forget taxing the rich and concentrate on collecting the fair share of tax that these people refuse to pay.


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