Globalisation is a creeping menace, which is a danger to those advancing it.

watching the 1943 film “millions like us” hit home how we’ve lost the ability to handle people, with consideration.
In the film, women factory workers were trained to evacuate the factory during an air raid and to return to work promptly.
No bellowing of orders, just a switch in the Tannoy music. “Post Horn Gallop” for evacuate and “Colonel Bogey” for all clear. The last was neat in that it was effectively a two finger salute to the attack.
Everything was subtle and low key, like the use of Beethoven’s fifth, a sort national in-joke, registering the inclusivity of all classes.

Although Class distinctions were still blatant and even obtrusive into the Sixties, we began to see the political classes looking at the People in a new way.

It was 1955 that the patent for battery cages was taken out and the principle began to expand to other area’s of farming.
I’ve no evidence that battery farming affected the attitude of the powerful towards the peasantry but I’m minded that Ghandi did propose that:
‘The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the ways its animals are treated”

The Seventies brought Flower Power and Full employment. The common people had opinions and got above their station.

In America they objected to the VietNam War.

Everywhere they objected to nuclear proliferation and Unions demanded a bigger share of the National Wealth.

The rich backed off and concentrated on countries where despots held power and the Communist supply lines were long i.e. S.America.(S.E. Asia was a lost cause, because of China  and the Middle East was problematic because of Israel and because of Russia)
Then the Communist states began to crumble as their populaces lost the ability to provide wealth (I can’t understand how N.Korea keeps going).
The collapse of the Communist countries meant that the danger of domestic populations was reduced, as insurrection would now rely on domestic financing.

Initially there was still the problem of domestic financing of the plebs. The steel and cotton industries had been shipped to the Far East but there was still coal-mining and various light industries such as shoe manufacture and electronics. The key was Information Technology, which would render heavy Labour obsolete. Encouragement of I.T. and women’s Lib. meant that a smaller, cheaper and more amenable work force would emasculate the union’s and the domestic financing of plebian power.

The lesson’s of psychology, as applied to advertising, became the means of control. Later, the work of Goebbel’s developed into study of Mob psychology, which fitted in with the factory farming mindset of those in power.

If you cast your mind back to the 80’s, you can see how the reins of Globalisation have been attached, progressing up through the social ranks. Jobs such as office cleaning were privatised and put out to tender to the lowest bidder. Hours were longer, conditions and pay poorer. Those in the next tier up may have felt sympathy but they were untouched, as yet.
(This was the era of Sir Keith Joseph, who believed himself to be Maggie Thatcher’s puppet Master. His keynote thought was the you gave the manager’s carrots and reserved the stick for the workers.)
Next up were various other labourer jobs e.g hospital porters and binmen. then semi-skilled, bus drivers, auxiliary nurses, nursery assistants and so on.
Consultancies full of people with MBA’s were employed to implement the changes through re-organisation and job evaluations.

Middle management and higher were encouraged to see these changes as their primary function. They were given certificates by organisations such as “Investor’s in People” and similar Government contractor’s.

Higher management were encouraged to consider themselves as distinct from those beneath.

In Schools, the headteacher moved from being a senior/ experienced colleague, working alongside his staff to a new role as the Manager/administrator in a separate, closed off part of the school. Instead of a school secretary, he had an admin team and forms to complete, if you wished to raise issues. Headteachers, compiled dossiers on staff, based on lesson plans and observations of lessons, which were required to fit ever tighter constructs. Those records which showed staff in a bad light could be used to censure staff (the stick).

Those in other state run sector’s, including the Civil Service, will have seen this happen. However; it also happened in larger bureaucratic private organisattions in the finance sector and even many Unions.

Many manager’s may be well above the existing water line and believe themselves safe but why should there be any safe level?
Are even Politician’s and Government’s safe?

With Globalisation being driven by those who have financial control over politicians, there will come a time when the oligarch’s see little point in pretending to rule through Democratic means.

If the Roman Empire had the technology to control the minutiae of everyone’s life, it could could have lasted, even longer.

Sitting at my keyboard, I can access information that the Roman Emperor, Caligula, could have only dreamed of. With systems such as Trapwire, I would be able to spot potential conspirator’s, before they were aware that they represented a threat. With sampling of peoples TV viewing etc. I could access profile’s of any individual, with more intimate detail than any market researcher or CIA spook could imagine possible. With electronic money and almost paperless society, I could strip a person of all property and rights. Who you are, is defined by what your database says you are. Under present legislation, I could turn you into a Bin Laden and have you legally executed, without anyone being able to refute the basis of my action. There’d be no need to fake evidence and create martyr’s.

Would you want me to have that power?

Globalisation is creating the situation, whereby one person could eventually have such power.

The Roman Empire may have been shaky towards the end but it was external forces that brought it down, A global Empire would have no external, or internal enemies that could end it.

I hope people, in a position to act, realise that they are not safe from the danger of globalisation, the reduction of people to binary digits and the threat of World Peace.


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