Shouldn’t #Anon ‘s wear gloves?

It seems that even if American legislator’s don’t legalise an internet lock-down and total infringement of everyone’s most trivial internet interactions, then various Government agencies will still proceed as if they had.

It is my understanding that we already have, in the UK, various officials, legalised to intercept emails, including Council Officer’s; with no greater check on their snooping than a nod from another member of the same office.

It’s possible to foil this level of interception by leaving the emails in the draft folder, where they can be read by anyone else with access to the password.

Unfortunately, Government’s already have those passwords, because the people providing the email addresses, also have those passwords (just as your banks have your pin numbers).

So how can Anon’s communicate? The solution seems to be the same as it was 50 years ago. You use dead-letter boxes and courier’s.

What form can these take? If the contents need to be kept secret, then they can’t be trusted to the internet. You can’t rely on coded transmission because the Law now demands that all encryption keys be available on demand (refusal makes you a criminal, just as refusal by motorist’s to take a breath test makes them liable to arrest, even if sober)

Fortunately micro SD’s can hold Gigabyte’s of data and can be transmitted by snail mail, by actual contact, or by being left in cracks in wall’s. I don’t know if it’s possible to do a digital version of the old micro-dots technology but the principles of transmission would be the same. You could even leave them in cheap mobile phones, which can be swapped, like for like.

Where the content is of a form where the information is already known to the authorities e.g. a whistle blower needs to pass on copies such as those in the Wiki-leaks, then they could be disseminated by transmission to forum’s, where their location could be transmitted by tweets. They could also be sent to blogger’s, who could publish them.

Those who are Robin Hood style Anon’s need to wear gloves when shaking hands. The subversion of Anon’s by Authority shows that even trusted contacts can be a danger to active Anon’s and it would be best if each operated through an intermediary (a glove). Master-spies, in the Cold War, communicated through a cell network, where nobody in the cell knew who their controller was and only one knew how to contact him/her. Just as master spies, tried to keep their identities clean by meticulous attention to detail, Top level Anon’s would need to avoid using estabilished ISP’s, possibly using a newly cleaned and dedicated laptop, for each communication.

Parliamentary Democracy (The House of Lords) sprang from a rebellion by the Barons.

Party politics (The House of Commons) sprang from a rebellion by the middle classes.

The French and Russian revolutions sprang from abuse of the peasantry

The American War of Independence was a successful rebellion by the Middle Classes.

In all cases, they wouldn’t have happened if the presiding rulers hadn’t been too oppressive and greedy.


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