@daily_express @Number10gov Osborne: sell us the bank that we paid for — RBS

RBS cost us £45 Billion at £5:00 per share.

That’s 150 shares for each man woman and child, assuming a population of 60 million and 130 shares for a population of 70 million.

We have actually paid more, because we had to borrow the purchase price and we’re still paying interest on that.

Whatever way you look at it, those shares are ours.

They are not the Government’s and they are not Osborne’s.

They are not his to sell to his  cronies,  at a cut price of £2:00 per share.

If he’s insistent on selling them at that price, then we, the rightful owners, should be given first refusal.

The Blessed Margaret did it, when she sold us our own property i.e. Gas, Elec, water and BT.

Osborne would still fill his coffers and would endear himself to many of the electorate, prior to the next election. 

We would have voting rights and could veto excessive banker bonuses, so the Government would escape culpability for these excesses.

Everyone’s a winner, except the vultures waiting in the wings for the fire sale.


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