Are re-branded goods better than counterfeit ones?

Years back we learned that own-brand tinned goods were often branded goods from end of runs.

We  then learned that loaves on a production line were often simply changed from one brand to another with the instruction to “change wrappers”.

Forumites, on Martin’s Moneytips, revealed that most digestive biscuits were made on the same production line, with only M&S having any quality control; basically the colour of the biscuits had to be in a certain range.

Then we found that various brands of TV were all being shipped from China with the casings being produced by their alleged European manufacturer’s.

The whole horsemeat saga showed up how much branding and the associated advertising actually meant.

Consider these in context of how nowadays, we, the customer’s, are constantly being chided for buying pirated/fake goods, with claims that we are funding criminal’s and terrorists.

I want to be a good citizen, so tell me how we are to differentiate between re-branded goods and some of the “fake” goods,  often made in the same factory, except by the extreme difference in profit margin.


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