Politician’s could get away with more, if they didn’t make exceptions of themselves.

Politician’s might be more able to understand what we actually get upset by, if they considered the rules,by which we are made to live our lives.
Quite often they are rules, which Politician’s have created.
Here again they perhaps mistakenly believe that the principle of “rules are made for the instruction of idiots(Us) and the guidance of wise men (Them)” is applicable.

Consider sex.
We aren’t bothered about men and women copulating. We consider that natural.
The majority of us frown on adultery, although there are many (of both sexes), who condone it. (why Boris still gets votes).
We aren’t as bothered about single’s sleeping around, as we once were.
We are bothered about adulterer’s, who lie, to us, about it and try to cover it up. Especially so, if they use their power (position/money) to conceal it.
We are bothered about people, who skive off to do it, whilst at work. Especially, if they use their position to seduce/traduce their shagee.

Despite Gay Pride, many of us aren’t too enthusiastic about being forcibly reminded that homosexuality exists, even my generation, who were responsible for approving legislation that enabled sex between consenting adults (male), in private.
We have always enjoyed the talents of men, whom we knew to be manifestly gay (e.g. Danny la Rue, Liberace, Larry Grayson, Kenny Everett and Freddy Mercury) providing they didn’t make it part of their performance.
Hugh Grant’s consorting with a prostitute was as equally disapproved as George Michael’s cottaging.
Their saving grace was that they never tried to deny it or get a cover-up and, seemingly, haven’t been caught repeating their behaviour in a public place.

We resent Politician’s passing Laws that specifically give themselves advantages such as tax breaks, enhanced pensions and pay rises etc.

We don’t approve of paedophile’s and we resent people trying to place them in proximity to our kids, especially when they are thus enabled to continue with their sickening behaviour, because of their highly placed connections.

We understand minor infringements of the Law and are ambivalent to some. E.g. exceeding the speed limit on wide open roads at 3 a.m., calling a judge a stupid xxxx and many similar. We object to those, who, having been caught out, use power to try to exclude themselves from being treated as we would be.

We object to the very rich and the very poor being taxed, or fined, with the same, or similar,sums. E.g. £6,000 is a year’s State pension but a “good night out” for some of out politician’s.

We hate bullies and despise the phrase “Do you know who I am?”, even when implied rather than vocalised.

We resent those given preference, except when deserved. E.g. we resent politicians getting F.A. Cup tickets but applaud such preference given to Servicemen and we accept those in wheelchairs being given front row placement.

When in doubt ask the question “Is it fair?” Are we all being treated on the level?


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