The British aren’t left wing or right wing. Their politics are based on what is fair

Those on the Left are supposed, by the political careerists, to be in favour of soft drugs, to favour positive discrimination, to be anti-military, anti-police, anti-prison, pro-shirkers.

They are supposed to have every shade of extreme view.

They are supposed to be rabidly pro-gay.

They are supposed to be the instigators of all the Political Correctness declarations that bedevil our lives.

These statements are only true of the professional leftists.

Most people, whom I have met, whether Tory, or Labour voters, don’t hold these extreme views. They don’t embrace the badged philosophies of the main parties.

The common theme that I meet is that of fairness and justice (not to be confused with Justice).

For me, Socialism and Christianity embrace these two principles, whereas Capitalism has become inextricably linked with exploitation of others and the worship of Mammon.

If Capitalist principles were bound to Christian principles, then Capitalism would be embraced as helping a friend, or brother, in time of need.

In Britain, pre-Thatcher, Interest levels were kept low by anti-usury legislation, which was scrapped to enable Banks to profit from the introduction of credit cards.

(The damage done, by credit cards, later led to the demand that the concept of APR% be introduced as a political sop).

The demand, now. is to re-introduce anti-usury legislation (

If politician’s used fairness as the litmus test of their policies and abandoned party dogma, they would come a lot closer to being democratic representatives of the Nation and would have to justify their views both to us and themselves.


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