#thatcher #anon Thatcher’s funeral is being used to criminalise protest

They are already brainwashing  the public using TV programs, such as Newsnight to suggest that just because Thatcher is dead, we should not only sanitise and sanctify her but Laboutr MP’s should even be made to offer adulation to her.

This morning’s TV programs, “The Wrightstuff”. was presented in such a way as to be more insidious and invidious

An alleged screen quiz asked if Police were expecting disruptions of Maggie’s funeral from:

(a)    anarchists (b) terrorists (c) mentally unstable thatcher obsessives.

The answer given was “all three”.

This is subliminal propaganda intended to place in the mind the idea that these are the only sorts of people who could possibly object to her having a State funeral.

Viewers were also asked if Police should arrest such people before they could cause disruption.

It’s all very fine to say that the discussion presented the argument against but the damage has already been done by making it seem reasonable to ask such a question.

Each time such a question is asked it will seem as if this is the point from which we should start any discussion of any protest.

Eventually, the question would become  “is this protest, one of those that should be prevented?”

The addition of details about pre-emptive arrests of people, who had proven intent to commit a crime, creates the suggestion that protests against the funeral are equated to disruption, which is also equated to criminal activity.

The total message being slipped into the national debate is that people planning to protest are criminals (before the fact) and should be arrested to prevent them commiting this crime.

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