What is Dark Matter?

If The Universe is expanding, then matter is becoming more dispersed.

Light travelling towards us from the edge of The Universe must be entering less dense matter.

Light travels faster, when the matter density is reduced, reaching a maximum in a perfect vacuum.

Of course Space isn’t a perfect vacuum and as we travel further away from Here to There, the speed of light, rather than “The Speed of Light” should be getting less.

This would mean that the deeper into Space that we look the longer the light has taken to reach us.

Would this mean that The Universe is actually older than we think?

The concept of Dark Matter was created to account for an apparent slowing down of the rate of expansion of The Universe.

It’d be lovely if this simplistic answer was valid and removed the need to have Dark Matter.

I dare say that the whole idea of Dark Matter is a lot more complex but I can’t help thinking that there is a reason Dark Matter is hard to find.



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