@NHAparty #NHS these are some of the tweeters that the Daily Maill follows

If you type Daily Mail i the twitter search box, you can go to their twitter page.

click on following to see who they check out.

highlight the list as far as you can and copy it to Notepad (text only)

then select all and copy it to word

use select all and replace ” @” with “^p@”

copy and paste into excel and do a sort.

Delete superfluous text and you’ll get a list like this:




@lukelewis and



@conservatives team.



































@tweet_journo ‏






@justinbieber ‏




@mariahelena11 Protected account

@pknw1 ‏





—-only longer

tweet your messages to these and ask for a retweet. Some will oblige. (some will block you but, they wouldn’t listen, anyway)

do the same with other media, MP’s party m/c’s etc.

Make yourself heard


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