Turkeys vote for Xmas

Our Society is being dismantled as State services and assets are sold off.

It’s happening because privateers can make money from what are effectively monopolies, which can not be allowed to fail, no matter how much of their income is ripped off in bonuses and shareholder profit’s.

Politician’s are motivated to enact this policy, partly by personal greed  and partly by donations to their political funds.

Those funds are needed to exercise influence on the unaligned by bribes, preferment and advertising campaigns.

Election Campaign Advertising is the main usage of this graft.

Advertising to persuade us to keep voting them back into power, allowing them to continue dismantling our Society.

We vote for our own destruction. we need a new political system that eschews party politics and their advertising campaigns.

We don’t need Sky TV media bundles style of policy choices. we need MP’s who try to reflect the majority views of their constituencies



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