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Watching Channel 4’s “Secrets of the Pickpockets”, it seemed absurd to have a carload of detectives, staking out an ATM skimmer.

Apart from the danger’s of losing the criminal’s in a car chase, there’s the risk of them being able to ransack numerous bank accounts and then re-use the skimmer.

Wouldn’t it be easier, cheaper and of less risk to the Public if the Skimmer was subverted. Just the fact of the criminals recovering it should be sufficient for a conviction.

It should be possible to (a) deny it the ability to collect people’s bank details and (b) insert a tracking device.

There’d be no need for a car chase. The cops could track them to their HQ, possibly harvesting other skimmer’s etc. The ank details of individuals would never have been at risk. The cops could get on with other duties, until alerted that the skimmer is moving (and therefore back in possession of the criminals).

Stakeouts, in our hi-tech world, seem a little out of place.


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