@educationgovuk Performance related pay is not only an excuse for cutting the wage bill, it will be counter-productive.

The excuses for cutting the pay of teacher’s, who are assessed as being “poor”, is that it will improve the standard of education and that it is for the benefit of the kids.
The logic used is absurd.
The same “poor” teachers will be teaching just as badly, but with less enthusiasm and with lower self esteem. The education being delivered will be the same.

Gove may not be the idiot he appears. He may simply be cynical enough to know that there are plenty of Tory voter’s and Newspaper columnist’s, who will vehemently parrot the party line, without any depth of thought attached.

If the teacher’s aren’t good enough, then those who trained them and passed them through their pastoral year, should be sacked, along with those same “poor” teacher’s.

The worst aspect of this is that not only will this not improve pupil education, it will actually work against it.
My reason for saying this is that the assessor’s of the teaching staff are human with human frailty.
It is all too possible that favouritism, bullying, sexual predation etc. will be encouraged by placing such power in the hands of the assessor’s.

A school, where the assessor misuses such power, can’t help but quickly gain a counter-productive culture, where poor teacher’s curry the favour of their superior’s, whilst the good teacher’s, who value their integrity are undermined.


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