@oflynnexpress onservative & Labour MEP’s are against a secret ballot on EU Budget vote. so who’s for it?

Subsequent to an email about the EU having a secret ballot on EU Budget, I contacted my MEP’s and got these responses:

Thank you for your recent email regarding a secret ballot on EU Budget vote.

I can assure you that Labour Euro MPs do not support the idea of a secret ballot on the MFF as proposed by Martin Schulz. We believe that a vote as important as this should be conducted in the most transparent way possible.

Further information can be found on a recent press statement made by the European Parliamentary Labour Party (EPLP) on this issue: http://www.eurolabour.org.uk/Labour_MEPs_say_no_to_secret_ballot_on_the_MFF


Thank you for your email regarding the upcoming vote on the 2014-2020 7-year EU budget (or Multiannual Financial Framework), particularly in relation to the plans by Socialist MEPs to force a secret vote on its approval by MEPs
in the European Parliament.
May I take this opportunity to state that I feel a secret vote is simply wrong.
After 57 years of increasing EU budgets, David Cameron managed to secure a budget cut for the first time in the EU’s  history. This is a brilliant success for the Prime Minister, the UK and the whole of the EU. This now must be approved by the European Parliament.
I and the Conservatives in the European Parliament have consistently called for the EU budget to reflect the austerity conditions in the UK and other European countries where we are tightening our belts and undergoing a period
of structural fiscal reforms to put public finances on a sound footing.
We want to reform EU spending, to have a greater focus on jobs and growth and to ensure that every pound spent at European level represents value for money for UK taxpayers. Unfortunately, the Socialist parties in the European Parliament disagree with these proposals and so are trying to force a secret vote in the hope that the budget cut will not be passed.
I feel a secret vote would be catastrophic for the image of the European Union as well as for the Parliament in particular. I fully support an open vote on the 7 year budget and I and the Conservatives will wholly oppose any move to bring a secret ballot on this issue.
MEPs must be held to account for their votes by their electorates. This is a basic and non-negotiable tenet of a epresentative democratic institution.
Please rest assured that I and my Conservative colleagues will be doing everything within our power to ensure the vote is held in the open so that every citizen across the EU is fully aware of how their representatives vote on an issue of such crucial importance.
Thank you once again for your email
Sajjad Karim MEP
Member of the European Parliament for North West England

Why do I suspect that there’ll be a secret ballot?




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