Elections — fair and free. @guardian @daily_express

There will be Council elections in May but until the actual declaration, the main political parties are free to promote themselves, as much as they can afford, without worrying about the legal limits on spending on canvassing.

In our area, Labour dominates the Council, so we can expect the Council to be very active.

I’ve already noticed a gutter cleaner zoom up and down our street.

I expect a lot of cosmetic work on Council houses to commence shortly and for potholes to have temporary asphalt toppings.

I expect to see a lot of A5 flyers on streetlights, advertising the “think once, think twice, think bike” and the ” don’t drop litter” campaigns, or whatever free Gov’t campaign leaflets remain in stock.

I expect a lot of jolly pictures in the local press of Councillor’s handing out swimming certificates, or shaking hands with local voluntary groups.

I expect the Council will shortly put out their self congratulatory “Borough life” magazine, with more pictures of Councillors, along with the sort of information on this postcard that I have received.

labour cardlabour card2

My point is that new independent opposition are greatly disadvantaged, in terms of cost, use of Council resources and opportunities for free publicity.

In other safe seats, I assume Conservatives and LibDems are doing the same (Eastleigh?)


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