Are Doctor assistant’s the next stage? #NHS

Nearly a decade ago, as part of the process for preparing to privatise education, Teacher Assistant’s were introduced.

This was, ostensibly, to enable teacher’s to cope with the influx of children with Special needs from the schools that Blunkett was shutting down, at a furious rate.  A process which not only cut costs but freed up valuable redevelopment land.

The introduction of these personnel (many glorified child minder’s, at ridiculous rates of pay).

At this point, teacher’s were instructed to begin writing schemes of work and detailed lesson plans, essentially in attempt to de-skill the job and enable teacher assistant’s to initially hold down a class, whilst a fully qualified teacher ran around two or three classrooms, ensuring the process worked.

This was doomed to failure, being on a par with asking a stand-up comedian to run comedian-assistants in a multi-stage theatre.

However it had to work, or appear to do so.

Teacher’s were made to develop more complex lesson plans to cope with differing mixes of pupils in mind (think of the comedian running his stooges in a Glasgow W.M.C. and the London Palladium on the same night.).

To ensure that the teacher’s were complying properly, their senior teacher’s were made to oversee lessons and Appraise teacher performance to see if they applied their own lesson plans and to try and refine them to a point where a teacher assistant could take over, without supervision.

When this became unwieldy, peer appraisal was introduced, whilst reserving the appraisal by Senior teacher’s for the purpose of grading teacher’s and assisting in the process of judging appropriate scales of pay (only recently implemented by Gove). Even Headteacher’s were included in this process, using Headteacher’s, from other school’s within the same corps. (Anyone see why this was asinine?).

I don’t know how effectively this scheme is proceeding, having left teaching some time ago. I suspect it isn’t working and they’re having to use more able people to do the job in the new Academies, whilst keeping appraisal’s as a management tool for reducing labour costs.

I’ve run through this, because I was irritated by another announcement from The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges demanding a tax on fizzy drinks.

Doctor’s are there to heal the sick not to issue edicts about how people should conform to the expectations of prodnose’s.  Then again are these people proper doctor’s?  Is The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges really just another one of those politically constructed organisations set up, or modified, to enable the manipulation of groups of the more articulate plebs?

In teaching we have The G.T.C. to control teacher’s. It is manned by Politicians, Civil Servants, politically correct teacher’s (got themselves promoted out of the classroom to more cushy berth’s) and representatives from castrated teacher unions.

There appears to be a similar set-up in the Police, where all the Top jobs seem to be manned by Politically appointed wallies,

In the event, I Googled  The Academy of Medical Royal College and found that they were heavily into re-validating doctor’s.

Apparently this is a process akin to the classroom observations and appraisals of teacher’s.

I assume that, as with teacher’s, the process of re-validation will be about “ensuring that doctor’s undertake a continual advancement in their own professional development” , that it will “give Doctor’s an opportunity to have their skill’s honed through assessment by their peers”, render them “an opportunity for self assessment” and other very worthy stated aims.

The appraisals will generate portfolio’s (or some other jargon synonym) and the process, once it is bedded in, will also enable management, armed with these portfolio’s (remember these are subjective evaluation’s of a “suitable mentor” ) to “discuss” with doctor’s how well they are performing.

This process is not new to those who work in Banks and may be familiar to Nurses etc.

It has been used since the 1980’s to demean employee’s and encourage them to reduce their expectations of a suitable reward for their efforts. It’s simply a process that started at the bottom, has worked its way up to doctor’s and will probably continue upward through the ranks of the employed, until all the plebs have been thoroughly enchained and put in their place.

Next stop Journalist’s, Solicitor’s, Barrister’s, Member’s of Parliament, Generals,Whitehall Mandarins?

As each level is reached, the reins of power will pass further up the lines of command, until the oligarchs fight to see who’s going to be Emperor.

All of this may be fanciful but when the signs say “to the Front” and you hear loud booming sounds, you don’t expect to be led to a picnic.


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