Tiger’s are noble, foxes are vermin!

I’ve never really understood the angst arising from possible species extinction’s.

Apart from anything else, we wouldn’t be here if 90% of all species hadn’t gone extinct at one point in time.

Nearer to the present day we have had Mammoths, Giant sloths and Moa’s driven to extinction by early man.

Giant Tortoises and Dodo’s were killed off by our more recent ancestor’s, who found them delicious and thus deprived us of the opportunity of seeing if that opinion was justified.

Of course some species are useful (eg crested newts) in opposing planning decisions but there are others, which I am glad to know are no longer with us. E.g.  Wolves, in Britain, were killed off a century, or so, ago, although some freaks want to see them re-introduced.

Protect newts, re-introduce the Great bustard but why get dewy-eyed over Polar bears and tigers.

There are adverts for a charity to protect the Svalbard Polar bears. The same animals, one of which killed a young Brit last year and one of which chased down and killed a woman hiker a few years earlier. Why protect them and in what way? Does this charity propitiate them by feeding them elk?

Tigers are a weird one, Apparently there are more of them in The USA than in Asia. I daresay many Indian villagers would be happy if they were all in The USA.

Tiger attacks in the Sundarbans, in India and Bangladesh are estimated to kill from 50-250 people per year. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiger_attacks_in_the_Sundarbans ). These animals are not pussycats. Even trained Tigers can unexpectedly turn on owners who confidently assert the opposite of this. (Burmese tigers are 3metres long, tip to tip)

” Tigers must be preserved because they are noble, magnificent wild beasts  —  but not in my backyard”

It’s apparently okay that Indian peasants pay the price for this addition to India’s tourist revenue but the recent rare attack of a fox on a British baby marks these top predators as vermin, which should be eradicated.

Naturally, when they are close to the point of extinction, we can expect a charity to burst forth, urging us to stop the senseless slaughter.

I’m not saying we should exterminate all species that are of no use to us. What I am saying is let’s stop fighting the inevitable. Build reserves, if you must. Keep some in Zoo’s, if you’re desperate but don’t try using emotional blackmail on those of us, who don’t see a 5 metre long Siberian tiger ( taller and longer than a Range Rover), or a hungry pack of hyena’s, or a species of leech, as something that will be an unbearable loss to humanity should it cease to exist.



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