P.M. for sale to NHS privateers. What are the chances of the NHS being saved?

Great piece in the Sunday Express, by Sonia Poulton, which encapsulated the whole sorry affair of the privatisation of the NHS.

The most damning items were the figures on politicians benefitting from this rape of the public purse.

Remember we paid for these Hospitals, not the politicians.

We paid for them with our taxes and our National Insurance stamps.

According to “Social Investigations”, 52 Tories, 9 Labour and 3 Lib Dem MP’s are financially linked to the firms buying our NHS. They also claim that there are 142 Lords with links.

These are the ones discovered. How many more?

It’s not all brown envelopes. These are their legal equivalence

The most notable and disgusting example is a donation of   Three Quarters of a  Million Pounds to Good old Dave, Our Tory Prime Minister.

Is there any real chance of rescuing the NHS from their greedy clutches, especially with so many indoctrinated acolytes actually believing that the process is about improving the NHS and  therefore arguing for it.

(MBA degree’s being the main vehicle for disseminating Friedman’s philosophy that State Assets should be Given to private companies).

As she (Sonia Poulton) said in her article, the process has been on-going since the Health and Social Care Act (2012) was conceived during Margaret Thatcher’s tenure.

The process was slow but progressed throughout the decades, with the re-evaluation of nursing pay scales and many nurse being downgraded.

http://wrap.warwick.ac.uk/36141/1/WRAP_THESIS_Thornley_1993.pdf  is an interesting read.

The process continued under Blair’s New Labour ( his dictum, repeated by Lord Howe, is that  it doesn’t matter who provides care, so long as it is free to the patient. This is patent shallow thinking but one of those good sound bites, for which Blair was noted)

As can be seen here, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/8795717/Cherie-Blair-stands-to-gain-from-NHS-privatisation.html, Tony Blair was a believer in the personal benefits of privatising the NHS.

We have so many people in power, whose fortunes are riding on this rape, that it seems unlikely that we will be able to prevent it, especially as it is being managed by Jeremy hunt, whose career is based on his (co-authored, 2005) book calling for the NHS to be privatised.


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