If State services can be handled better through Privatisation then scrap Parliament and give us shares in UK Plc.

The Government have mooted the idea of  distributing shares in RBS, presumably in order to make a killing, as Maggie did with the privatisation of Gas etc. But with some thought it could be made democratising. I wrote this into the Daily Express letters page (I know it’s right wing but I find Broadsheets too highbrow and the red banners too lowbrow)


I think the distribution of RBS shares could be beneficial to the Nation but under one condition:

The shares can not be re-sold. In the event of death they can be bequeathed to children, or returned tothe Gov’t.

The benefit’s would be:-

The Government would not have to worry about having sold off the shares, at a loss.

Any Banker bonuses would have to be approved by the shareholders – mainly us.

This also absolves the Gov’t of responsibility of “doing something” about them)

We could vote the RBS executive into being customer-friendly, in terms of charges, call centres, ATM’s etc.

The dividends would be ours and could be used to defray welfare benefit expenses, at the same time, teaching the public to balance demands on the Bank’s behaviour with its own need for income.

In fact, if the Government’s, of all parties, persist with the notion of privatisation, why not extend this principle.

There would be a shedding of political responsibility and a means of increasing democracy, if Government insisted on all future privatisations being majority owned by voter’s. (to be defined as, born in this country and resident here).

No company would allowed to bid for any part of the NHS, unless it sold a majority shareholding into this Voter’s ownership scheme. This would deter those who intended to carpet-bag or asset strip State Assets.

There would have to be some element of choice here, so that customer base and share-holder base over-lapped, and this would be complex but not unresolveable


As train franchises came up for tender, the same would apply, so that this new HS2 service, paid for by public money, for the benefit of the political elite and the business classes, would benefit those paying for it.


People would be less likely to despoil premises, which had to be cleaned at their expense, such as railway carriages and Stations.. The Public would become more Socially responsible and would actively police the anti-social elements.


Thinking on it, the same logic could be applied to Government.

If I was a shareholder in my local Council, perhaps I’d have some say in its management.

I wouldn’t have Council Officer’s on obscene salaries.

I wouldn’t have my City Centre being killed off by traffic congestion caused by Bus Lanes, or by parking charges.

I’d have cleaned and policed streets.

I”d have weekly bin collections.

And! in twenty years time, when we have emerged from the PFI debts, which we have been saddled with, we could demand more responsible financial control and vastly reduced council charges.


In the extreme, we could do away with the farce of Parliament and Parliamentary Democracy, replacing the Cabinet with a Board of Minister’s, with qualification’s and experience from working in industries, related to their function.  An end to artificial qualifiications such as PPE’s and MBA’s.


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