#NHS 38 degrees want your MP to sign an early day motion to make privateer’s pay tax

This is an e-mail, which I received asking me to email my MP asking her to sign an Early day motion on protecting the NHS.

Unfortunately my MP says that, as a member of the Labour front bench, she can not vote (and I assume sign) early day motions (No! I don’t see why either).

I post it here in case others want to join in.

Right now, Jeremy Hunt is making some big decisions about competition in the NHS. He’ll be relying on advice from the health regulator, Monitor. But behind closed doors, private healthcare companies have been pushing for new tax dodges to help increase their profits. [1]

38 Degrees members have already persuaded Monitor to rule out allowing private companies in the NHS off paying their corporation tax a few weeks ago. But other tax breaks could still happen. [2] Now, Tim Farron, a senior Lib Dem MP, has tabled a motion in parliament which tells the government that private companies profiting from the NHS “must be expected to pay taxes on that profit in full like any other company”. [3]

The more MPs who sign the motion, the more pressure Jeremy Hunt will be feeling when Monitor’s recommendations land on his desk. Can you ask your MP now to sign up to making sure private healthcare providers pay their tax?

Of course, it’s taxes that pay for the NHS. So it might seem strange that companies making a profit from delivering NHS services would be trying to wriggle out of paying their fair share. But nonetheless, that’s what could be about to happen – and it’s up to Jeremy Hunt to put a stop to it.

The government doesn’t want another huge showdown over the NHS. A parliamentary Early Day Motion signed by dozens of MPs can act as an early warning to government that they could be about to have a big fight on their hands. If Hunt sees lots of MPs signing up, he’ll realise exactly how embarrassing this issue could become.

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt will make his decision soon. So now’s the perfect time to turn up the pressure. Click here to email your MP asking them to sign the early day motion now:

Thanks for being involved,

James, Ian, Hannah and the 38 Degrees team

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