@Number10gov @ITF_Forum How about colour coding for traffic lanes on roads?

I get really annoyed by road markings like this:ROAD NAMINGBarely visible, until too late and you’re in the wrong lane.

Impossible to read with a lorry parked over them.

This is on Haydock roundabout but it’s just as bad with lane markings on rterial roads, where junctions have two lanes. Locals know which have a left turn/ahead only/right turn combo but visitor’s suddenly find themselves subject to abuse from frustrated driver’s, who they’ve had to cut up.

I’d like to see a new user-friendly system in place and here’s my suggestion.

We have plenty of colour schemes on roads, let’s have another.

The example below needs slimming down a bit. In my example the A580 (East Lancashire Road) is painted yellow. In practice a colour coded road sign and a yellow stripe marking the route through the roundabout would be a constantly visible and reassuring guide, understandable by anyone.


For arterial roads there could be standardised stripes leading up to the lanes.

Red for right turn, Green for ahead and blue for left.

So if the nearside lane has a blue and a green stripe, you know that you will be able to turn left or go straight ahead. If it’s just blue then you need to change to the offside lane (no green stripes means it’s a no-entry ahead)

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