Think tanks waste public money on third rate suggestions

I sent this to the Daily Express, which published the original story.

I think that, sometimes, these stories are planted to test public reaction, whic is why we should respond by letters to Newspapers.

I think columnists often get their topic’s from these letter’s, so, again, worthwhile.

My dad used to say that the nobility put the idiot son’s in the church. I suspect they get position’s as member’s of think-tanks.

These useless organisations are paid good money for coming up with idea’s that occur to the more intelligent but which are as quickly discarded, by them.

The latest about making Chinese takeaway’s reduce portion sizes and have their use of salt and sugar policed is pathetic.

Ignore the fact that many will have already minimised portion sizes, to avoid price increases, at a time of mass redundancies and rising food prices.

What would happen in balmier times? Customer’s would either desert take-outs, or would supplement their order with cheaper starchy substitutes i.e, an extra portion of chips or boiled rice.

Salt and sugar are added for flavour. Reduce them and change the flavour. Again customer’s would desert them, or would demand salt and ketchup dispenser’s on the counter.

An interesting aspect is that, whilst policing such a policy would be expensive, it would be far easier to control products such as Heinz tomato ketchup, which I believe is one-third sugar.

Remove the sugar and Heinz would be trying, unsuccessfully, to sell passata. That’s a form of political suicide that not even a think tank would contemplate trying to sell to their bosses.

The last is an oblique reference to my estimation that this attack is aimed at small businesses, rather than big political donors such as McDonalds


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