@EricPickles Make Councils more accountable by levelling paid for canvassing material

If you want local democracy, make councillor campaigning, for local candidates, a level playing field.

At present well-funded ( a source of concern itself ) political parties swamp voters with glossier, more readily distributed campaign material, whilst independent candidates have to dip into their own resources to produce and deliver their B&W A4 leaflets.

When Building Societies etc. have elections, the candidates are limited to a common proforma, which is delivered simultaneously to all voters.

No other canvassing takes place.

The cost is born by the organisation in charge.

Candidates can still “meet and greet” and get the views of the electorate.

Obviously this could also apply at National level but would this really be a worry with your ease of access to the Media?

(it’d also reduce the amount of  land refill needed)


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