#occupy with IT and robots becoming more advanced, are the 99% redundant?

I came across this:


It is a decade late

(Gov’t knew in 1980 that this was coming, that’s why we’ve all been made to chase meaningless qualifications for jobs that don’t need them. e.g. fork lift truck driver or B.A. in soap opera)

My main bone of contention with this piece is that it places the darker aspects, as being in the future.

The darker aspects are here, now.

The 1% have already asked what they need the plebs for. The answer is that they only need consumers, guinea pigs and spare parts

But how many consumers and what to do with the surplus population.

We are in the process of being Victorianised.

In Victorian times, the average height of British males was under 5 ft.


Smaller people are easier to police (compare sizes of G.I.’s and Japs in WWII). You just need a stock of well fed people to do the policing; a sort of latter-day S.S.

Smaller people can survive on less food, leaving more food for the remainder and more open land for the leisure pursuits of the 1%.

Smaller people can be used for spare parts. It doesn’t matter if organs are smaller, as some will grow in the right body and others can always be doubled up.  Limbs are a problem but cloning technology might be effective here.

Drug trials etc. would be no problem with a (slave) population eager for better vittles

The better vittles aspect is redolent of the Upstairs/Downstairs cum Downton Abbey culture, in which young girls, in service, were often used by the young man of the house and then sacked as a “fallen woman”. Of course, in The Southern states of America, they had indoor slaves that served the same purpose but without the hypocrisy of Victorian England.

The Global population is 7 Billion, at present. China gave up on its one child policy, as too difficult to manage, little people weakened by poor nutrition, will be more susceptible to attrition by disease and I’m sure that this aspect will be under consideration, along with means to limit any epidemics that might arise.


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