When the crunch comes there won’t be enough British Police and British troops to keep order.

I’m not signing any more on-line petitions.

This Government is using them as a distraction, to fool us into believing that anyone is taking notice of our concerns.  (please don’t rob me!)

Unless an action personally inconveniences them they will roll over us like a tank in Tiananmen Square.

Protests don’t work if they happen in London when Dave is in Singapore.

Protests need to inconvenience those who matter, those who can bring about change.

Problem is that these things have been anticipated.

There are probably contingency plans to prevent blockading Dave into No. 10, or preventing access to Goldmann-Sach’s main offices.

We are tagged and supervised to an extent that allows non-conforming individuals to be isolated and dealt with, the same way that a dairy farmer can identify and match a cow, by its ear-tag, with its milk yield and pie potential.

Every car and mobile, since 2005, has a GPS chip.

Every CCTV is linked into our version of TrapWire.

Credit cards, passports and even M&S clothing have RFID’s for tracking and identification.

All school children now have their details on a national database.

Anyone dying of cancer (that’s 30% of all death’s) will have their DNA recorded (allegedly anonymised but in such a way that this is meaningless).

Also applies to legal immigrants and convicted criminals.

Registration on the Electoral roll is being changed.

It will be on an individual basis and those not voluntarily registering will be identified and recorded.

The electoral roll will be fully available for retail. If you don’t want your details to be sold on then you will need an exceptional excuse (e.g. being rich or a public figure, you can plead security aspects.).


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