Tell them “I pay my fair share of taxes; do you?” #occupy @occupyuncut

There have been three companies posted as not paying their fair share of tax, recently; Starbucks, Amazon and Google.

The  action against Starbucks has had some success. Even though limited, it’s still a success.

Some tweeters have queried why we have left Google and Amazon alone. Others have averred that we should push / leave it to Government to close the loopholes and take other action.

The last comment is laughable. Even when Virgin and Goldmann-Sachs were guilty of not paying legitimate taxes, the toff’s let them off with a token payment.

We can’t rely on money-hungry political parties to act in the interests of the Nation.

We can’t just boycott Google, because the alternative search engines are so poor and may be just as avaricious.

Amazon could be boycotted but, even if Xmas wasn’t  on top of us, there are too many who are reliant on Amazon to balance their budgets.

This doesn’t mean we should give up; ant bites may not harm but they can make people change their position.

For instance, if you’ve bought things through Amazon, they’ll ask for feedback. Include the phrase “I pay my fair share of taxes”.

It’s an adverse form  viral advertising.

In fact, we can spread this idea, by asking those who send you advertising spam, if they pay their full share of tax.

I asked it of Sainsbury’s, in a response to an advertising tweet, and was directed to their financial statement on their website.

If their published figures are correct, then they paid 33.5% of profits, in tax.

I urged them (via tweetback) to publish this.

If we can encourage companies to advertise their tax input, we can shame those who don’t fairly contribute.

If you fill in a survey, ask it.

If you’re demonstrating factory closures etc., ask it.

If you are in a BBC Questiontime audience ask it (most Cabinet Minister’s have directorship’s and should know the finances of the company paying them)

Boycott where you can, shame where you can’t and tweet the names of organisation’s, who are cheating us and helping to create Austerity Britain


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