Quality of life is a better reference than degree of poverty.

People / politicians quibble over definitions of poverty, when the real decider is quality of life.

Quality of life should be graded by ranking examples of differing living conditions. The problem arises from separating objective and subjective factors.

A prime objective factor is water, qualified in terms of how free it is from contamination, which in itself has objective and subjective factors. Again, using examples, we have water that is cloudy but safe and water that is clear but toxic in some way.

A prime subjective factor is slavery. But there are differing degrees of slavery; from the ball&chain slavery with a sadistic owner, to the love slave of a rich and beautiful woman. from the wage-slave in a boring grind to the CEO of a firm stifled by tax demands.

The whole issue is complex and dependent on the individual and on his interaction with those around him.

Nevertheless, it would be useful to establish a basis from which to work and from which to debate.

Most things can be quantified and then analysed, although the analysis can be faulty, if there are a large number of variables to take into consideration. In the hands of an unimaginative person (as mot of our judiciary appear to be) the fault can have disastrous consequences.

A possible means of countering this is to use the analysis to merely categorise the situation.  By similarly categorising numerous othr situations, which have been reviewed and ranked by the population at large, it should be possible to agree on a ranking that is acceptable to the majority, avoiding debate from those with extremist but vociferous views.

What do we NEED?

water, food, shelter, love, air, freedom, health, spare cash (for luxuries such as travel)

Water    Rate these:

Spring water, glacier water, rain water, gutter water, pond water, sewage water, carrot juice, veg, juice, fruit juice, wine, beer, spirits, liqueurs, blood, milk, urine, gravy, brine, “pop”, squeezing’s from content’s of a rumen, vomit

Food: raw  and cooked ratings for all. Brassica’s, root veg.,  boiled tubers, fried tubers, roast tubers, pulses, soft fruit,  apples, nuts, citrus fruits,

It’s no good I can’t be bothered carrying this thought through but I think the basic methodology is something that I need to work through, sometime., at a later date.



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