I’m with Leveson, except he never dotted the i’s or crossed the t’s in terms of a resolution

The debates on Leveson in the Media, including Twitter, seem to surround whether the individual speaking sees himself (as a pre-feminism Grammar school pupil I apply the male singular to imply both genders) as someone to be constrained by legislation, or one who does the constraining.

The argument that self-regulation has slipped and failed , too often to permit it to continue, is hard to refute.

Unfortunately, the problem in underpinning the regulation, with legislation, is that someone has to be given the power to police the legislation.

Murdoch has shown that politicians and the Police (specifically The Met) can be corrupted by such power.

So, the problem would be finding a regulator, who can be trusted.

For me, the legal profession must be excluded, because they use precedence to dig ruts, which lead us away from justice.

We need someone who will be a mouthpiece for public opinion, not someone whose strings can be pulled by plutocrats and other power seekers.

The difficulty lies in the fact that when you concentrate power into the hands of one person, then they can be corrupted by external agents, even if they have an intrinsic moral rectitude.

Something along the lines of the e-petition but where each petitioner’s name is published would seem immune to corruption.

I can’t see this happening, because those, with the power to make these decisions, will not readily surrender such power to the “mob”.

I fully expect the outcome will be some shitty quango, with someone like Chris Patten paid £300k to pretend to be in charge of regulation. Reports will be created and filed. A P.R. dept. will base some sort of yearly statement on this and send a copy to the “Patten”, who will discuss any issues “over lunch” with any miscreants and with his political bosses, providing a buffer, or more correctly, a go-between for the two parties. Over time he will arrange for the two to meet and thrash matters out to their mutual satisfaction. Eventually they will meet without even a nod to the “Patten” and a new enquiry will be called for.

“Le plus ca change, le plus ca meme”



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