I hope this party grows. A seed of hope against privatisation

If the NHAP (National Health Action Party) grows and becomes a National Party, I believe it could gain votes from Labour, Tory and LibDem parties.

I would recommend a snappier name, possibly just “The Health Party”

I am convinced that the three main parties are collaborating on privatisation and Euro-Membership, as part of an attack on the 99% .

Whichever one wins the next election, would claim that the destruction of the NHS was a fait accompli and would scoff at anyone calling for its re-nationalisation.

Protest’s will achieve naught, as the whole establishment seems to be on side with privatisation (I’m not even sure about the Union leadership).

If the NHAP could win at the ballot box, fighting off the whole of the Establishment and the Media, it could become a true representative of the electorate and bring back true Democracy.

The National Health Service is the keystone of what was fought for by Old Labour and those who came back from WWII.

The desire for it threw Churchill out of Office and could be a key to uniting Plebs, across the parties, against their present greedy agenda.


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