@Number10gov The Tories can’t even bother to pretend that they’re not privatising the NHS anymore

been stabbed? the nearest A&E will only be a few hours away.
Wigan & Leigh Save Our NHS/Keep Our NHS Public

‎10 November at 11:00 at Wigan Town Hall
Organised by Wigan Trades Council, supported Wigan & Leigh Save Our NHS/Keep Our NHS Public – Saturday 10th November – Wigan Town Hall 11.00 – 13.00 (See Foyer Noticeboard for Room Details)The future of one or more of Greater Manchester’s A&E Units which includes Wigan’s Bolton’s & Trafford’s, is under threat under the ‘Healthier Tougher’ review of how NHS healthcare services are delivered.

In what even a Tory paper such as the ‘Mail on Sunday’ has said will result in ‘Beeching-style’ closures of major casualty units, this review is likely to leave millions with huge journeys for emergency care, including hundred of thousands in the Greater Manchester area..

The Government claim the switch to bigger and fewer A&Es will improve patient care by focusing emergency treatment in high-tech ‘centres of excellence’. Opponents argue that the real purpose of the ‘slash and burn’ approach – as it was described by one London hospital consultant – is to save money. The NHS must cut £20billion from its budget by 2015.

These cuts are to take place despite promises by the Conservatives in their General election manifesto to increase spending on the NHS in real terms year on year.

Pro-defence of the NHS Campaigners in the Wigan, Bolton & Trafford areas believe the best way to fight the threat to all Greater Manchester’s A&E units, which the consultation over is scheduled to start in spring next year, is to unite together across Greater Manchester to demand no closures of any of the conurbation’s existing A&E units and to oppose all cuts in any other NHS services.

If we are unsuccessful in that fight, then it is inevitable that the axe will fall where there is the least resistance. This meeting will hopefully help kick start the next phase in the fight in the Wigan area and to make sure the we are not that weak spot.

Please attend the meeting and get involved with the Wigan & Leigh Save our NHS/Keep Our NHS Public and wider Greater Manchester campaign to save ALL our A&Es and OUR NHS!.

If you can help with advertising the meeting in any way, then please do, including by sharing this event on facebook and forwarding this e-mail to your own contacts.

Wigan & Leigh Save Our NHS Campaigners will also be joining Wigan Trades Council members at 11.30am on Saturday 3rd November outside the Grand Arcade on Standishgate and helping to hand out leaflets to advertise this meeting and collect names for our new Greater Manchester petition.

On behalf of Wigan & Leigh Save Our NHS/Keep Our NHS Public

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