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Last night was sorted until we came to rely on Privately run utilities.
My wife had gone to meet up with my daughter to see The Mousetrap In Manchester and I’d gone into Liverpool.
Before setting off from my friend’s, I texted my wife that I was on my way.

I didn’t get a reply, so I pulled into a lay-by on the East Lancs to say where I was and got a reply that she was heading for the train. I headed for Wigan station and texted my arrival.

After 30 mins sitting in Wigan, I got a garbled call from wife that she’s going to Bolton and my daughter’s boyfriend will be picking them up.

I headed home, as my wife suggested.

Following day (after wife gets home from work), the story unfolds.

The line from Manchester to Wigan closed at 8:00 p.m. for maintenance work.

There had been no information for those travelling to Manchester and none for those waiting for pick-ups at Wigan.

Whose fault Network Rail, or Northern Rail?

Other’s were in more serious situations.

As an example, one young girl was in tears on how she was to get to Liverpool.  There were other (too many) similar stories.

Meanwhile my wife had had problems contacting me.

She got my 3 of my 4 texts the following day (see pic.) and had great difficulty reaching me, herself.

Whose fault?

My wife’s contract is with BT and mine is with Vodaphone.
At least when we had the “inefficient” nationalised services, there was only Britsh Rail, British Telecom etc.to take the complaint’s and they were answerable to your MP (now they just shrug off responsibility).
My wife and daughter were put in danger, by two services that take our money for those services and then dismiss our concerns with an attitude reminiscent of Andrew Mitchell.
Just one more point: The Green’s and The official Labour party are trying to get us out of our car’s and onto public transport: A pity that young girl had to.

phoned texts

important texts all passed on at at same time…useless.

There needs to be a safety net for traveller’s who get stuck far from home by inadequate privatised services and a lack of public transport.


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