@Daily_Express Is the establishment closing ranks to protect their paedophiles?

On a day when it is reported that the number of offences related to Jimmy Saville is rising fast;
on a day when it is being reported that Ken Clarke has been threatening Blogs, which mention offences being committed by someone inside Number 10;
on a day when it is reported that nine more abuser’s of young girl’s have been arrested in Rochdale;
on this day, it is reported that high court judges have decided that paedophiles also have human rights and should be protected.
Sir John Thomas, one of the judges, effectively ruled that paedophiles deserved respect for their privacy and family lives and should be able seek to prevent the implementation of Sarah’s Law.
Ignore the question of whether such people, having destroyed the Human rights of innumerable people, deserve to be accorded such rights.
This is a “stifling act”; an attempt to persuade those who have yet to come forward that it would be pointless to do so.
We don’t need an offender’s register, we need a Judiciary that doesn’t consider offender’s human right to privacy to be comparable to the right of children to be physically abused and traumatised for life.


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