Sajid Arvid will be a perfect foil for smirking George

I expect to see a lot more of Sajid Arvid.

He ticks all the boxes for the Tories.

His first statement (on BBC coverage of a day of action ) prior to criticising trade union action was that his dad was a bus driver.

He immediately estabilished that he was from plebian roots.

His skin colour (cafe au lait with extra lait) seems to show African ancestry but is light enough not give older Tories the Heebie-Jeebies.

His name sounds vaguely Muslim.

He’s a slaphead, so may even appeal to most BNP members.

These and other factors listed on Wikipaedia proclaim him a non-toff.
But, then again, he fits the profile of a Tory politician.

Although his degree isn’t an Oxon PPE, it is an Hons degree (level not stated so, possibly, a 2:2) in Economics and Politics, so he can talk the talk.
Best from the Tory point of view is that he has contacts with the money men, being a former banker (Chase Manhattan Bank and Deutsche Bank).

Definitely better than putting up a smirking Chancellor to talk down to the plebs.



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