Anyone got tabulated info on our politicians, it’d be nice to call up all those with banking connections etc.

I’d like to compile a database on our MP’s (They seem determined to create loads of them on us plebs).

It’d include:

Constituencies and actual town of residence

Degrees , level, college/university, subject, other qualifications

Political Salary, expenses and other perks. Trips abroad on Gov’t business

Sponsored trips abroad

Previous employment experience (if any) , Employer’s and their business’s.

Directorships and any other outside calls on their time with remuneration if applicable.

Personal Wealth and properties

Problem is that this will be time consuming and, in some cases, difficult…For instance I have already noticed that for most politician’s, their degree level’s, unless they are first’s, are omitted.

If anybody knows of anywhere such information is already tabulated, it’d save me a lot of time and trouble and I’d make it available to all and sundry, via wiki.




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