#occupy unite to protest totalitarianism but prepare some sleepers, just in case.

I’ve just been reading James Patrick’s”The rest is silence” and it occurred to me that he was a prime mover. As such he is acting as a focal point and engaging other people (mainly coppers) to step forward to be counted.

We do need the silent majority to become vocal.

Additionally the phrase that keeps being tweeted is true: ” for evil to win, it only requires good men to stay silent” (or some version thereof).

However what caused me a twinge of panic is the awareness that all of this happened in Hitler’s Germany.

Good men did speak out:  They spoke out, they united, they marched and their names were noted.

Groups that could provide a focus for dissent were targetted. Church leader’s, Trade’s unionist’s, and any other large grouping’s which could provide a nucleus for dissent, such as Freemason’s and Rotarian’s.

Many such ended up spending time in Concentration camps, or were murdered.

Similar happened in Stalin’s Russia, Allende’s Chile and various S.American neighbours. It probably had a similar pattern in Indonesia and other countries, where the rich and/or powerful wished to micro manage the lives of the populace.

Those, who spoke out, disappeared.

In the modern Hi-tech world it may not be necessary to kill people to silence them (although that is always a danger, when control is absolute).

With systems like Trapwire, Echelon, the national database, HD-CCTV, ISP data harvesting, fast DNA profiling, mobile phone and cars fitted with chips for GPS tracking etc. and combined with our reliance on electronic communications and credit cards, we could easily be individually   isolated and ostracised.

With the “anti-terrorist” laws that have come into operation and the repeal of established laws protecting individual rights (e.g. Habeas Corpus and Double Jeopardy), anyone can be arrested under a warrant sworn out in another part of the World, without need for a judicial review.

Anyone could become a non-person, without any means of proving their identity, unable to access bank accounts etc.

In these circumstances, we need to have some good men keep quiet.

Everyone who has already spoken out will already be on file. Even those who have merely downloaded James Patrick’s book will possibly be on file.

We have enough of a cohort now to recommend the newly politicised to hold their tongues and bide their time.

This may be crucial in preserving Democracy.

Melodramatic as that idea may seem we have already witnessed the use of moles and agent provocateur’s in gathering information, not just on enemies of the people but on political activist’s such as those in the Occupy movements.

A point to bear in mind is that the likes of Occupy were crushed by the state in Germany, Russia, Chile etc.

In all modern cases of destabilising such regimes, actions have been caused by external enemies or by whistle blower’s. One person, thought to be harmless, in a position to disclose information that was thought to be safe can be more beneficial than an army of protestor’s. I’m thinking Watergate’s deep throat, wikileaks, The exposure of MP’s expense’s details and so on.

We need a few sleeper’s and we need a few network’s such as wikileaks.

Those with the know-how should be working singly or in small groups to set up an email/twitter/facebook style version of the chain reaction in an atomic bomb.

The ability to disseminate an action faster than the authorities can quash it.

What we have now can’t be directly compared with previous moves towards a totalitarian state but it may be worthwhile thinking on possible parallels.

I’m most familiar with the rise and fall of the Third Reich, so that’s where I pick my parallel’s from and in this case I’m thinking of how resistance groups around Europe were primed for action with a key phrase, broadcast by the BBC, such as that used for the D-day invasion. Suggestion’s for action were sent out from a trusted source to unnamed potential activists.

James Patrick mentions wheel-greasers.

Some, of these, will be people, who are simply amoral (e.g. Himmler), or even sociopathic (Goebbels), but some will be basically moral people, who have convinced themselves that connivance at a corrupt regime is a social necessity. These people may be our saviour’s. People such as Von Ribentrop were career soldier’s, who may have detested the plebian upstart but were happy to ride his coat-tails and call it patriotism. When he saw the approaching train crash, he and his co-conspirator’s tried to remedy matter’s by assassinating Hitler. Unfortunately he failed and paid the price of his earlier betrayal of his people but at least he was placed where he could have achieved this end.

Betrayal was always the biggest problem in the War and the only answer, for dissident’s, was to keep contacts as few as possible; being prepared to sever links with anyone tainted with suspicion, not entirely trusting anyone, especially those with whom you share emotions, or strong links such as childhood friends.


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