After the Channel 4 plane crash footage, it’s time for 21st century aircraft design #aeronauticalengineer

I watched the Channel 4 plane crash and was concerned that a plane, which effectively glided into a landing, should crumple up so disastrously.

I appreciate that planes need to be as light as possible but we seem to be relying on a design structure from 70 years ago.

Modern cars have moved to passenger cages with crumple zones. Isn’t it about time that aircraft structure was re-thought?

There is a small 2-seater plane, which has been designed to deploy a parachute, should the engine fail.

O.K. a stupid idea for a Jumbo Jet but why does the entire passenger list all have to die in the same coffin?

Lorries and trains use the container principle. Ships have lifeboats and fictional Spaceships have escape pods.

It should be possible to design a strong skeletal plane, with compartments,cabins or cells, which can be ejected, or allowed to break free, in the event of a mid-air explosion, or anticipated grounding.

Even if this idea isn’t practicable, it should be possible to tesselate the seat design, so that seat backs can form a canopy for the seat behind, so each passenger can be cocooned. The principle of the car air-bag combined with a polycarbonate shell would help reduce injuries caused by the high g-forces and protect from flying debris. It would even be possible for the nervous passenger to be self -cocooned for the whole flight.

Whatever! it’s time for a radical re-think.


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