@Number10gov : Army cuts to make way for privatised (G4S) army

I hadn’t realised that G4S was bedding-in in Afghanistan, until I saw a piece about one of their men being arrested in Afghanistan.

Security firm G4S was sent warnings not to employ an armed guard in Iraq just days before he murdered two colleagues, a BBC investigation has found.
Private security guard Paul McGuigan, from the Scottish Borders, was shot dead by Danny Fitzsimons in 2009 in Baghdad while on a protection contract.
Another man, Australian Darren Hoare, was also killed.
All were working for UK contractor G4S, which was operating under the name ArmorGroup in the region.

This came up whilst reading a piece in The Daily Express (http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/326098/Thousands-axed-from-armed-forces)  about how the Army Generals, in Whitehall, were preparing to send out Xmas redundancy notices to a further 2,900 serving soldiers.

A quick Google pulled up this:


25 March 2010
G4S will be providing security services to the UK Government in Kabul and other key locations across Afghanistan including Helmand province. The contract is valued at £23M approx per annum and covers the following services:
 Security officers, to protect personnel and assets at a number of UK Government sites in Afghanistan, including the British Embassy in Kabul
 Mobile security services, to protect UK Government employees as they move around Afghanistan. 

and this:

The firm behind the Olympic Games security fiasco has reportedly extended its deal to protect the British embassy in Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul.
G4S, which admitted in early July that it would not be able to provide its 10,400 contracted guards for London 2012, was awarded the Afghan contract by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) last week, The Sunday Times said.
The deal is understood to be worth £72 million and will see G4S guard the high-risk embassy for a further two years.

The big puzzle is why these contracts are being awarded.

I pulled down these two forum letters, from men being hired by G4S:

Done 14 months on it down south, honestly south is the best place to be. good weapons HK G36c’s and Glock 17’s or Sig… take holster’s and mag holder a plate carrier if ya want your own a blue one is supplied in kabul.kabul is shit your a taxi service as like most FCO contracts clients are brain dead and think place is safe because they get there own way. anjuman camp isn’t the best needs investment but on a whole id work with them again… rotation is 9 and 3 which can be a ball bag you get an extra 5% for working down south on your wages so around £4250 off top of my head every month without fail except first 3 months as they deduct money for in country bollocks they call induction training absolute rip off but nevermind. you can expect a fitness test in kabul if you fail you’ll be sent packing but re invited to try again. you have to complete a 1.5 mile run in less than whatever time you get due to your age think i got 14 mins at 36 plus 50 press ups and 50 sit-ups in less than 2 mins a piece of piss really and if you can’t do this then you shouldn’t be on the circuit in my opinion”

“Same as RoyalReg I have an interview next month. I currently work in Iraq for Olive Group. Great money, great lads but due to this massive visa issue I’m loosing a lot of money sat at home. At least with G4S it is paid every month.
There is not many companies that pay the ‘POP STAR WAGES’ any more. CR have cut their medics pay by £50 a day. I’m sure this will catch on with other companies very soon. So the same wage of £4200 a month is better than a kick in the teeth and if you do get stuck at home for any reasson such as visa problems you will always get paid.
Looking forward to the interview and possibly a job in Afghan.

To me, it looks as if the Government is moving towards privatising the Army.

These G4S mercenaries are being paid a lot more  (£4200 per month), than I suspect ordinary squaddies are paid and they are getting the softest postings.

Their recruitment seems to be very lax in terms of application and training (made ridiculously obvious by the stories emanating from the Olympics fiasco)

I suspect that we will shortly find that redundant professionally trained squaddies will be recruited by G4S to take up postings slightly nearer the sharp end, initially at attractive rates of pay.

When all contractual duties in Afghanistan have been passed on, Army units will be withdrawn and then be further cut until G4S have contracts for homeland security.

Most of the Generals will be retired, on gold-plated pensions, and G4s will be recruiting Sociopaths to replace the professional soldiers, who will have trained them.

I predict that within a decade, we will have a privatised Army of nut-jobs and no-necks, who will be only to happy to fire on protestors and strikers, making the Peterloo Massacre look a comparatively minor skirmish.

We could be experiencing what the Syrians are facing.

If i was younger I’d emigrate, whilst there’s time.



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